‘Planting For Tomorrow’ Event In Whitestown Kicks Off Monday To Celebrate Earth Day

The Town of Whitestown Parks Maintenance Team is asking for volunteers to join together to plant oak trees on the newer section of the Big 4 Trail next Monday, April 22 at 9 a.m. for the “Planting for Tomorrow” event.

Volunteers are asked to meet at the Big 4 Trail off of 575 East behind the fire station 271, and parking will be available at the Penn Central Substation at 2714 S. 575 E. in Whitestown.

Volunteers are asked to bring any shovels, gloves and other supplies they may possess to assist the Whitestown Parks Maintenance team.

The “Planting for Tomorrow” event is a celebration of Earth Day, and community members are invited to aid the town in enhancing the beauty of the town by planting oak trees along the Big 4 Trail.

“Everyone is welcome to participate!,” the town released. “You will be assisting the Whitestown Parks Maintenance Team to plant oak trees, which are non-invasive to the existing ecosystem.”

The town does ask that volunteers complete a volunteer form on their website and mention “Earth Day” in the comments.

For more information or to complete a volunteer form for the event, visit whitestown.in.gov or call 317-769-6557.