Rossville Renovation Project Moving Along On Schedule

This is what the parking lot in front of Rossville High School currently looks like (Photo by Myles Hanna).
This is an interior photo of the progress being made on the building in the front (Photo by Myles Hanna).

The $20 million renovation project currently going on at Rossville Schools is moving along quite well according to Superintendent Dr. Jim Hanna.

“Most of the structural steel is up for the first phase,” said Hanna. “They’ve done a great job as far as laying bricks. We’ve also poured the concrete in the floor in the back where the ag, art and band building will be. We’re right on schedule.”

Hanna said the project would take three years to complete. He said the target date for the first phase is either at the end of May or the first of June of 2019 with the second phase focusing on the fieldhouse and gymnasium starting right after. The third phase will involve redoing the interior classrooms that were vacated. Hanna added the project is expected to be done in 2021.

“We’re right on schedule for Phase One, which is the administrative centralized entrance, the guidance and the nurses office, the media center and the library,: said Hanna. “The other part to the south of the building which is the ag, art and band building is also being completed.”

The project began with brand new entry ways into Rossville Elementary and Middle/High School off of State Road 39. Some of the changes already in place is the high school office is now on the lower level with the elementary office upstairs. The middle and back part of the building is strictly for the media center and library, while the installation of new sewer lines will go from the band, agriculture and art wing to the town’s new lift station.

Hanna said workers on schedule to help get the building ready for winter.

“We’re going to start on the roof here shortly,” said Hanna. “We’ve got Fall Break coming up October 15 and we’ll get a lot of work done that week because we don’t students available or in the building. I think they will be buttoned up and be able to work on the interior when it gets cold and nasty outside.”

On the inside of the buildings, 10 projects are slated to be done with the overhaul of the school’s HVAC system being at the top of the list.

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