Social News and Notes Coming to CCDN Website

We at Kaspar Media want to celebrate your anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, engagements, babies and reunions on Clinton County Daily In order to do this, we need help from you.

Everything must be sent to the newsroom’s email ( What we want in each of these categories is a JPG picture, a short write up of the basic facts and we would like to have it at least two weeks in advance of your special date. We will try to make sure your event runs on a specific day as long as you request it.

Both anniversaries and birthdays will be run to mark specific dates. Anniversaries will start with the 25th anniversary and then updated every five years thereafter. Birthdays will start with the 75th birthday and will be celebrated every five years after that. Engagement photos and information will also be accepted in the above-mentioned format. We do accept the original engagement announcement and photo.

Baby pics will be used after the child is born. We would like weddings no later than a month after it happened. Reunions — both family and school — would start with the 25th year.

We reserve the right not to run any information that does not meet our guidelines. Any questions can be directed to  or call 765-659-3338. These items will be placed in the community section of CCDN and will be marked with a headline stating what the event is. Please include a phone number and contact person on your item in case we have questions.