Street Paving Starts Next Week

Starting in early September, street paving will take center stage in town as five projects will be done according to Frankfort Street Superintendent Jason Forsythe.

“Next Wednesday (September 6) is when we will start milling on Clinton Street as long as the weather is good,” said Forsythe. “This week, we are asking, and we’re going to start putting ‘No Parking’ signs up on Clinton Street, which is where we’ll be staring at. It’s a long stretch of road and we need to do some tree trimming.”

Forsythe added people are parking in some of the areas that need tree trimming.

Mayor Judy Sheets, Board of Public Works, and Street Superintendent Jason Forsythe approved the total of $648,805 in the spring of 2023 for these street projects:

• East Clinton Street from Clay Street to Fudge Avenue
• Clinton Drive from Fudge to Maish Road
• South First Street from White Street to West Walnut Street
• East Ohio Street from Crescent to Kelly Avenue
• McClurg Street from Myrtle Avenue to Rossville Avenue

Forsythe also announced that a  free more speed signs are going to be going up on certain streets in the next week or so.

“The mayor received some e-mails from a few people in the community that wanted additional speed signs put up.” said Forsythe. “We are going to add some on Main, some of Wilshire and add on near the end of the pickleball court on Kyger Street near the golf course.”