Utility Job Service Approves General Manager’s New Job Description

The Utility Service Board has been working extensively for several months on new job descriptions for department heads and other officials. On Monday night, USB Chairman Kent Brewer said they got one very important description taken care of.

“The main one to get over was the job description for the general manager,” said Brewer. “We’ve worked quite hard on it. It was a job description put in place when we created that position. It needed some updating as we restructured things.”

Brewer also said they will have about 50 percent of the descriptions completed in next month.

The USB als0 approved the purchase of additional security cameras from Cottage Watchman, formerly Apex.

“We’ve recently changed since we’ve got a new system,” said Brewer. “We’ve got SKATA. So they have an on-call guy that takes a laptop home and we can watch it. We just added more security out there. The gates will be locked after 4 p.m.”

In other news, the USB approved placing a sign above the night depository. The sign says:

“Payments placed in this night depository after 9 a.m. will not be processed until the next business day and could be subject to late fees or disconnection. Cash payments should be made at the customer’s discretion, but other payment methods are encouraged. Office hours at Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed holidays and weekends.