VanNatter Highlights New State Laws in Effect

Heath VanNatter

State Rep. Heath VanNatter (R-Kokomo) said Hoosiers should be aware of several new state laws effective July 1, including the new state budget and those supporting gun owners, individual rights and small businesses.

“These new laws are a result of input from constituents about how lawmakers can better serve their communities,” VanNatter said. “Many bills filed are often born out of an issue or concern an individual is facing and then introduced to the General Assembly where it will hopefully become law.”

 VanNatter highlighted several new and notable laws:

Funding Hoosier Priorities
Indiana’s next two-year, $37 billion state budget reduces taxpayer-funded debt by over $1 billion, and provides opportunities for future tax cuts and reforms.House Enrolled Act 1001 funds critical government services and proven programs while making historic investments in K-12 education, broadband and economic development.

Supporting Lawful Gun Owners
Lawful Hoosier gun owners will no longer pay a fee to obtain a lifetime license to carry a handgun thanks to the passage ofHouse Enrolled Act 1001. Hoosiers can visit to apply for a free five-year or lifetime license, or renew current permits. The process to legally purchase a handgun remains the same.

Protecting Individual Rights
Senate Enrolled Act 263 defines religious gatherings as essential, and ensures the government cannot restrict the right to worship in-person during public emergencies. Other church services like food pantries, daycare or educational classes can also not be more restricted than other essential services. The governor also signedSenate Enrolled Act 202 into law to require nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hospitals to participate in state programs guaranteeing caretakers’ access to their loved ones during public emergencies.

Helping Small Businesses
Senate Enrolled Act 1 andHouse Enrolled Act 1002 support employers and jobs by extending civil liability protections related to COVID-19 to employers, schools and health care entities.House Enrolled Act 1004, effective since mid-April, allows local employers impacted by the pandemic to apply for a Small Business Restart Grant to pay for a portion of business and payroll-related expenses. Hoosier employers can learn more and apply at

Visit for more information on these and other new laws.


  1. Thank you so much for your hard work representing the people. Your a Great Representative

    • i tired to call him 5 times he was never in office. i live in Rossville st rd 26 the state has run the water across the road in to our private pond that we paid for. when it rain the water fills up our yard and pond’ so i dont think he is so great its a new road I dont plan on a vote for him he is at all the county fairs no doing his job he works for the people .well he should be

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