Zionsville Promotes Six Police Department Officers, Welcomes Three Chaplains

Zionsville Police Department sees six promotions and three new volunteer chaplains appointed.
– Photo courtesy of ZPD

Town of Zionsville officials recently promoted six members of the Zionsville Police Department and appointed three new volunteer chaplains.

On Wednesday, April 17, Zionsville Mayor John Stehr and Zionsville Police Department Chief Michael Spears promoted six officers and appointed three volunteer chaplains.

Joshua Samuelson was appointed to Captain, David Byrum and Thomas Lucas were prooted to Lieutenant, Thomas Beard, Richard Lind and Christopher Wheeler were promoted to Sergeant and Bob Ash, Amanda Clark and Bryan Langford were appointed as Chaplains.

Stehr released a statement regarding the promotion of the officers and the appointment of the chaplains, stating that the promotions are an integral aspect of assuring that the town will maintain its structure while providing new opportunities to the public safety officials.

“Promoting public safety is the most imporatnt job of our town government,” Stehr said. “Our newly-promoted officers will help provide structure. Our new chaplains will support all of our officers and our constituents by making sure humanity is never lost in the process.”

Spears continued to elaborate on Stehr’s statements, focusing on the pride he holds for the officers that received a promotion and the opportunities he sees for the chaplains to provide the support needed in the community.

“I am extremely proud of these officers who have distinguished themselves and will contribute significantly to the success of our police department through their leadership,” Spears said. “Our new chaplains will perform a valuable role as they support both our police officers and the people of Zionsville.”

The promotions and appointment will be effective immediately.