Downtown Merchants Participating in Seasonal Paintings

Mary Lynn Peter has lived in Frankfort her entire life. When she was in school back in the 70’s, Frankfort offered many things to do and participate in. Sadly, this is not the case today. With high-tech inventions, many just stay at home and entertain themselves.

One of the things she remembers fondly, is the seasonal paintings of downtown store windows. Stores would allow students to paint on their front store windows for Halloween and Christmas.  This was a fun project that suddenly went away, along with the stores downtown.

With so many stores opening up, she would like to see this tradition start up again.

That’s where merchants in downtown Frankfort come in.  Peter would like to know if you would be interested in participating in this fun event.  All she asks is that they donate a small entry fee of $50, which combined with the rest of the stores, will be the prizes for the winning store fronts.

This event will be open to not just high school students, but to anyone who would want to participate.  We have some extremely talented people in this town, just waiting for an opportunity to showcase what they have. Those participating will furnish their own tempera paints (which wash off easily).

If there is enough stores participating, there should be enough funds to have first, second and third-place winners. First place is worth $150, second place is $100 and third is $50. Judging will be done by Frankfort Unified Neighbors (F.U.N.). Judging will take place this Sunday at 2 p.m.

Downtown merchants and artists participating are: ClubHouse Barbershop – Jess Jones Wessell; Simple Thyme Antiques – Braden Wessell; Ellis Jewelry – Mike Clossin; Delilah’s Clothing – Toby Cripe; Over The Back Fence – Debbie Pitman; Creekside Music – Destini Hope; Bridy’s Bakery – Jamie Burton; Center Township Trustee – Shawn Chambers; Jill Snyder – Ashley Haggarty; Moxie Maven – Tess Wilson; Main Street Grille – Lisa Patillo; Pepe’s – Thea Michelle VanDeventer; and Healthy Communities – Madelyn Grace Strohl.

For $1, the public can vote for their favorite artist rendering.

Proceeds from the Halloween event will go to Shop With A Cop and proceeds from the Christmas event will go to the Humane Society.