Frankfort City Council Could Have Brand New Look in 2019

Even though there are no city elections until 2019, there is a concern that there could be at least three openings on the Frankfort City Council next year.

“I know Joe Palmer and myself have talked about not running for another term and Lewis Wheeler is running for another office in the primary this year. So, he may be off,” said Frankfort City Councilman and Clinton County Republican Chairman Jim Moyer. “There’s a chance for a big turnover there. Thus far, I’ve had nobody come running to me and saying I’s like to be a candidate for the city council.”

Moyer added he would be glad to turn his position over to someone younger. However, no one has applied. He added the younger people seem only want to seek the highest office available instead of working their way up.

“Instead of running for City Council, they’d like to be mayor,” said Moyer. “We’ve had the same problem with the County Council. Instead of running for a County Council seat, they’s like to run for a Commissioner’s office. I think we need younger people in the lower offices and gradually work their way up.”

Moyer said another problem with the younger crowd, which he said are those individuals in their 20’s and 30’s, is a major lack of experience.

“If they don’t have any experience, they have no idea what they are going to run into,” said Moyer. “They need to leave the higher offices to those who are already involved.”

Another problem, according to Moyer, is the lack of a strong Democratic party in the county. He added ‘since there’s no contest, there’s no fun.”

Others who are currently on the City Council include Eric Woods, Clarence Warthan, Steve Beardsley and Wanda Mitchell.

Moyer also said people need to get out and vote. But before they do, they need to find out a little bit about the candidates.