Frankfort School Officials Will Meet With Local Health Authorities About Masks

Just a week before schools were scheduled to start, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) did an about face on Tuesday and will now recommend that all students and staff wear masks even if they had been vaccinated.

“We know that they (the CDC) are now recommending that all students and staff wear masks regardless of their vaccinated status,” said Community Schools of Frankfort Superintendent Joel McKinney right after the special meeting Tuesday night. “We need to be prepared to pivot because our current plan is a mask optional plan.”

McKinney made that announcement about masks being optional earlier this month.

‘We’re going to do a lot of wait and see,” said McKinney. “We will be meeting with our local health officials again to see what they recommend. It’s not going to surprise me if we do have to go back.”

The main purpose of the special meeting was to announce that former Blue Ridge Assistant Principal Maggie McKinney has been named as the new building principal replacing Karie Cloe.

“Maggie McKinney has been an excellent assistant principal for us,” said McKinney. “She is ready for the next step. She is ready to take Blue Ridge to the next level where it needs to be.”

School officially starts in Frankfort on Thursday, Aug. 5.

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  1. When is this meeting taking place with the local officials? I have 4 kids that are supposed to go back to school. We are cutting it close on what to do. School start next week. And I can’t make my kids where a mask all day.

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