Hoosierland TV…Local and Free. Sports, Parades, County Fair Coverage and More.

Hoosierland TV is your new view to local events, sports, talk shows, parades, contests, local musicians, 4-H fair coverage, demonstrations, local Ag Info, travel, Senior Fair interviews and much more.

Use the search bar at www.hoosierlandtv.com to take you there.  Put a key word like “Fair” in the search bar and see where it takes you.

Hoosierland TV can be your window to LOCAL Football, Basketball, Wrestling and other sports, County Fair coverage and more.

Window to the World in North-Central Indiana: Hoosierland TV will take you there!

Hoosierland TV usually covers these community events LIVE and then they are archived so you can watch them ON DEMAND with NO SUBSCRIPTION or PAY WALL.  All features are made possible by the community-minded business on display on the channel with links directly to the website for that business.   Be sure to thank them for helping make Hoosierland TV possible.

Hoosierland TV.

Your Free Local On-Line TV Station for Clinton, Boone and Carroll County.

Parade kicks off with the Frankfort Fire Department snorkel truck. Ken Hartman hosted the broadcast on Hoosierland TV Saturday Afternoon.
Watch Leroy Good’s 100th year birthday celebration at Old Stoney held June 6, 2020. Broadcast LIVE and archived on Hoosierland TV.
Hoosierland Graduation broadcast produced by Hot Dog TV and Mike Hall with Hoosierland TV
Author Janis Thornton, right, joined Hoosier Storyteller Michael Clossin at the Frankfort Library. Event was broadcast LIVE on Hoosierland TV and Archived and available world-wide. All broadcasts are FREE with no subscription or paywall.


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