Kirklin Christian Church Preschool Class Aims to Aid Houston Preschool During Kirklin Oktoberfest

Kirklin Christian Church Preschool Instruction Assistant Heidi Yeager talks to her students about the signs they are making for the Kirklin Oktoberfest.
Kirklin Christian Church Preschool Assistant Instructor Heidi Yeager helps her students make signs for the upcoming Kirklin Oktoberfest.

The Kirklin Christian Church Preschool in Kirklin is doing its part in helping the victims that were ravaged by Hurricane Harvey a month ago.

Debbie Kouns, who is the preschool director and teacher at the KCC Preschool, said they have adopted a Houston Preschool that was in a public school in downtown Houston, and was totally destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. She said their goal is to raise enough funds to purchase the educational items the teacher has on her Amazon wishlist.

Kouns said her class is going to have a Lemonade stand (or hot chocolate, depending on the weather), to raise funds to aide this preschool that lost everything. She added this project will not only help the teacher and students of this Houston preschool, but will teach the KCC preschoolers generosity, kindness and empathy.

Kouns said her class will be at the Kirklin Christian Church booth during Kirklin’s Oktoberfest on Saturday, October 14, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Students and parents will participate by passing out free lemonade to passersby, who will hopefully leave a free will donation.