Ten Individuals Complete EMT Training at Witham Health Services

These are the individuals who completed EMT training at Witham Health Services. From eft to Right: Makyle Shepherd, Kyle Plummer, Ezekiel Howie, Alex Gelinas, Millie Gross, Matt Simpson, Jackie Newkirk, Ben Wiatt, Joe Newkirk, Tony Summers

Congratulations to those that completed the recent EMT training at Witham Health Services.

Students were taught under the guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Indiana State Emergency Management Agency. In addition to classroom training the students had the opportunity to enhance their skills with patient contacts with the staff of Boone County EMS Ambulance Service, and the staff of Witham Health Services Emergency Department. For additional information, or to obtain an application for upcoming classes, contact John Merson, [email protected] or 765-485-8275.

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