4-Year-Old ‘Princess’ Has Wish Granted, Gets to Visit ‘The Castle’

Brooklyn Killman, left, has a conversation with Frankfort Mayor Judy Sheets, as her mother, Chelsea Nern, looks on.

Brooklyn Killman, right, is greeted by a pair of goats from the Frankfort Parks Department as her mother, Chelsea Nern, stands right before her.

Brooklyn Killman had to wait quite some time to get one of her wishes to come true.

‘Since before COVID, obviously Old Stoney was closed down for awhile, she’s never forgotten that she wanted to visit ‘The Castle’, said Frankfort Street Superintendent Jason Forsythe. ‘When they would drive by, she would say ‘Dad, can Jason take me to see ‘The Castle’. Today was the day that she got to see ‘The Castle’ at Old Stoney.”

Brooklyn is the 4-year-old daughter of Brian Killman and Chelsea Nern. Her birthday was last week and she got her present Wednesday afternoon.

“We got roses for each of the offices here and they passed out roses to her when she came in,” said Forsythe. “We had a couple of goats from the park come up and see her. Then we got here a nice little cake that has ‘Princess’ on it because she is big into this ‘Princess’ thing. She’s been able to connect ‘Princess’ with ‘The Castle’ and today she got to visit ‘The Castle.'”

Forsythe this was just a way to make a 4-year-old girl feel good. He added it was nice to be a part of it and enjoy it with her.