Theft of New Garbage Totes by Unknown Individuals Troubling to City Officials

During the first two weeks of the City’s new trash pickup, a very unexpected and troubling problem has come up with the new totes that residents are using for trash pickup — they’re being stolen.

“This has been a problem since we started,” said Frankfort Street Superintendent Jason Forsythe Monday night. “We had an individual on a bicycle put one on his bike and took off down the road with it. We’ve had people calling in saying their tote was left out after trash and it disappeared. It was taken.”

Forsythe added he is considering taking serious steps to deter the thefts.

“I hate to go that route for someone wanting to steal a tote,” said Forsythe. “You don’t know who you’re taking it from. That’s the problem and the frustrating part. I went to a lady today who has had hers taken over on Hawthorne Avenue and she got out of the hospital. We’re dealing with that kind of stuff. Maybe it’s time to get the police and start charging people for theft.”

Frankfort Mayor Judy Sheets said she’s pretty disappointed that this is happening.

“Maybe somebody didn’t realize it (the tote) wasn’t there’s. You’d like to think that,” said Sheets. “They can get a second tote from us for an additional $5 a month on their utility bill.”

In other news, Sheets said there is one thing she would really like to see happen in 2023 and that is the completion of Phase III of the South Maish Road project.

“I’ve been looking towards getting it done,” said Sheets. “This would be a federal grant with an 80/20 match and we knew it would be 2028 before the big cost of this would be due.”

Sheets added the new phase would start on Haven Avenue, where Phase II left off, and go down to Kelley Avenue. She said it would be similar to their Streetscapes  design that they have used in other part of town.

Also, the Board of Works received just one bid on who wants to manage the Commons Golf Course. Sheets added they could not reveal any information regarding the bid.

“The time’s up. They had to be in by 4 p.m. today,” said Sheets. “They will be reviewed by our golf committee, they will make a recommendation and there will be a public hearing before the city council.”

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