Adaptive Playground Equipment Installed at Green Street Park

Specialty playground equipment being installed at Green Street Park.

Accessible play equipment offers benefits for all children. For people dealing with challenging situations, handicap accessible equipment will allow them to play too. This was a vision by Gena Carson and a local group “Concerned Citizens”.

Carson said it brought a tear to her eye to drive past this weekend and see the equipment installed.

Parks Superintendent, Travis Sheets said, “interaction and play is crucial and a big part of development for young people. Thinking and social skills, along with self-confidence are important during these young years and interaction on the playground encourages growth in these necessary life skills, not to mention the physical fitness benefits.”

Families with special needs children also benefit Sheets said.  “Facilities available in our community give families options to spend quality time with their family members and enjoy being outdoors”.

The City installed a friendship swing and two bucket/harness swings at Green Street Park.  There are plans for additional adaptive equipment to be stalled in other parks next year.  The City has set up a donation fund for Adaptive Playground Equipment, anyone wanting to contribute may send checks to 301 E. Clinton Street, City Clerk Treasure.  Please make checks payable to Adaptive Playground Fund.


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