St. Vincent Closing Frankfort Facilities

Ascension St. Vincent announced this past week that it is closing 11 immediate care clinics around Indiana, including Frankfort Primary Care and Frankfort Heart Care on East Wabash Street.

Ascension St. Vincent said it will start notifying patients of the closures in the coming weeks and that most of the impacted facilities will close in the next 90 days. This will be the third round of closures Ascension St. Vincent has announced in the last year.

Ascension St. Vincent did put out a statement last week which said the following:

“The global COVID-19 pandemic has taken a significant operational toll on health system across the country, and as we continue to evolve how we deliver care in this challenging environment, we will be partially or fully discontinuing operations at several Ascension Medical Group St. Vincent locations.”

Frankfort, which had a total of three different hospitals in town, is now down to IU Health Hospital on South Jackson Street, the IU Health Arnett Physician Family Members on South Hoke Avenue, and Riggs Community Health Center on Gopher Drive in Frankfort.


  1. The I.U. hospital is a joke. Band-aid store. I remember when they used to bring babies into this world. Now they screw things up. I know of them making someone wait after they where told they overdose on meds. Then the girl went into Seizures twice then they took it serious. This town needs a real hospital not this. They spent to much money for this not to be a real hospital not a band-aid station.

    • Don’t get I’ll in Frankfort we deserve better Dr care. It’s not like there giving care for free. It’s hard to get dr appointments there anyway,there always booked up weeks in advance we needed more doctors there anyway.

    • I think its pretty unfair to say they are a “joke”! Anecdotal stories dont make the place a joke. I personally know of several people whos lives have been saved at the very place you are calling a joke. Sure Ill agree Frankfort IU hospital is not Johns Hopkins, but I believe they do the best with what they have.

  2. I just renewed my affordable care act insurance plan. The price went up to nearly $300 a month for my plan. But I stuck with the same plan so I could keep the same doctor. And now my doctor is leaving and I’m stuck on this expensive plan for the whole year.

    • Yes- I fear we will have a lot of that. They don’t care especially when the money dries up. Very rarely will anyone work for free and apparently, there’s a Hippocratic oath they are supposed to take but if you leave town, you no longer have honor that. It’s sad how the medical profession has been allowed to barge through the U-S Healthcare system totally unchecked and continue to charge us 5 dollars for an ibuprofen in the E.R..–Kevin Keith

      • I think it is pretty obvious if you have been paying attention for the past 20-30 years. Corporations are getting bigger and pushing others out of the spaces they want to control. That along with big pharma and the DC lobby equals a terrible healthcare system for all of us. My insurance premiums have risen 10x since Obama care was enacted and there is no end in sight. Corporate greed will be the death of the USA in the end.

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