Boone County Sheriff’s Office Releases Statistics For May

The Boone County Sheriff’s Office released the monthly report for May to showcase the breakdown of cases and calls of service that the deputies have received throughout the month.

The Sheriff’s Office reported that 112 authorized personnel were recorded within the department for May, including 100 currently operating staff, 25 in training, 1 merit deputy in academy, zero on military leave and 12 more needed to be recruited. The staffing was broken into five command, eight investigations, 23 enforcement, eight school resource, 24 corrections, six courthouse, 11 communications, one animal control, three reserve, 11 chaplains, five administration and one child service officers and deputies.

During the month of May, the Sheriff’s Office announced the new hires of Crime Scene Investigator Doug Boxler and Corrections Officer Audrey Steele alongside the promotion of Communication Day Shift Sergeant Kayla Kiefer to Assistant Director of Communications.

For communications, the department saw 5,568 calls for service, which were broken into 1,442 for the Sheriff’s Office, 1,785 for the Lebanon Police Department, 1,288 for the Whitestown Metropolitan Police Department, 871 for the Zionsville Police Department, 230 for other agencies. The center received 2,331 911 calls with a 92-second duration for every call. In total, the center reported 8,251 calls fielded by the communications team during the month of May.

For enforcement, the department saw 1,442 calls for service, 37 case reports, 12 field contacts, six alcohol arrests, five drug arrests, 15 other arrests, 49 accident reports, 39 property damage accidents, 10 personal injury accidents and one fatal accident for the month of May.

For investigations, 41 working cases, 20 closed cases, 28 cases from April, 14 search warrants, three call outs and four arrests were reported for May. For digital forensics, seven warrant triages, nine hard disk searches, 19 phone searches, seven USB searches and 9,648 gigabytes searches were reported for May. For sex offenders, the department reported two new additions to the county, 75 living in the county, 36 working in the county, 109 compliant, two noncompliant and five failure to register charges for May.

For evidence, the department reported five cases worked on, one callout, 64 evidence items collected, seven lab submissions and 96 Prosecutor discovery requests for May. For animal control, the department reported 20 animals brought to kennels, 11 animals returned to owners, five Love Pet Project for adoptions, four current animals at kennels, two citations issued, one pending charge, 3.5 day average stay at kennels, 58.45 hours worked at kennels and nine evaluated applicants by the Love Pet Project for May.

For corrections, the department reported 156 inmates booked, 167 inmates released, 321 charges filed, 113 males counted, 43 females counted, 40 jail incidents reported, 147 average daily population tallied for May with the highest count of population of 157 and the lowest count of 140.

For the courthouse, the department reported 88 knives detected, nine guns detected, seven mace detected, zero alarms triggered, nine arrests made, 6,438 persons scanned, 18 fingerprints documented and 15 protective orders filed for May.

“As Boone County continues to grow, the Sheriff’s Office is committed to maintaining and enhancing public safety for all visitors and residents,” Sheriff Tony Harris said. “We are doing these things and so much more by proactive policing with the goal of reducing crime in our community. Our priority is to provide excellent service to ensure a safe environment for everyone in Boone County. The goal to keep Boone County safe is not the responsibility of our office alone, we continue to work closely with our municipal partners within the county.”