Carroll County Fire Turns Into Homicide Investigation

WLFI is reporting that an investigation into a fire north of Burlington Monday has turned into a homicide investigation.

Carroll County officials have released more information on the incident Friday. The two bodies found in the burned out house have been identified as 73-year-old John D. MaCurdy and Anna Downham. Both died from a gunshot wound.

During the investigation, a description of the suspect’s car was created and learned that Miami County Sheriff’s Deputies located a similar vehicle in a remote area of their county. Miami County Sheriff’s Investigators were investigating an apparent suicide which was tied to the same vehicle and happened the same day as the fire.

The deceased male in Miami County was identified as 58-year-old Daniel H. Roe of Rice Lake, Wisconsin. He reportedly died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Officials believe Doe caused the deaths of both MaCurdy and Downham, set the house fire, then later took his own life.