1. I hope East Washington st gets paved this year. It is like driving on an old washboard. I have lived on east Washington for about 40 years. My Grandparents lived there before that and nothing has been done except pot hole patches.

  2. I would suggest finally paving Hoke Avenue from Ohio Street intersection to the railroad tracks it has not been done in 10 years and Ohio Street intersection has a large pothole growing The intersection needs attention. Finally it would be good to address the curbs on the hog Avenue that are and have been taken out by the semi traffic which was south there by the mass road construction several years back and the current construction now making our city look bad.

  3. Aughe street is 2 blocks long and was used constantly for dump trucks, cement trucks and large equipment and storage of tons of stone and blocks. The road blocked sign placed at the end of my house caused every car to turn around in our yard and sidewalks!!! Pothole everywhere!! I have before and after pictures, if anyone cares!!!

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