City of Frankfort Issues Press Release About Blue Water Testing Scam

The following is a press release issued Friday morning by the City of Frankfort:

Frankfort Water Works was notified of a company by the name of Blue Water Testing claiming to be associated with the City of Frankfort – Water on Thursday May 18, 2023. Blue Water testing was asking to perform lead testing and/or inspection of interior pipes. Frankfort Water Works is in no way associated with this company.

Frankfort Water Works is required to test for lead in water every 3 years per Indiana Department Environmental Management, in which 2020 is the most current year. Frankfort Water Works will be contacting select homeowners soon via letter/phone asking for permission to test their water, in which the resident is required to collect the sample with instructions supplied by Frankfort Water.

If anyone would like their water tested this year, please contact Frankfort Water Works at 765-654-5556 or stop by our office at 2105 W. Armstrong Rd. Frankfort, Indiana.

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