City of Frankfort Launches New App

On Monday, Community Development Director, Kimberly Black, launched the City of Frankfort App for residents.

In an age of digital and instant information, the City of Frankfort wanted to be one step ahead. “We constantly hear that our community doesn’t know what is going on. I have been looking for other alternatives because a lot of people aren’t on Facebook, or social media. I wanted a way to directly communicate with our residents about important information straight from City Hall,” said Black.

Connect Frankfort IN is available to be downloaded from any smartphone including Apple IPhones and Android phones. Residents will need to scan the QR code or visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Residents will need to make an account with their email address and allow push notifications from the Connect Frankfort IN. If residents don’t allow push notifications, they won’t be notified until they open the App.

Connect Frankfort IN is also linked to the City of Frankfort website where residents can find more information about topics. “Residents will be able to view the notification and then visit the website all from their phone. We wanted to make sure the App was user-friendly and that anyone would be to access it for free,” continued Black.

“Kimberly and I had discussed ways to help bridge the communication gap from City Hall to our residents. Once I saw how Connect Frankfort IN worked from our end and from the community side, I knew it was something we needed. We want our community to be involved and engaged in local government. We want them to feel like they are connected. They will be able to know about road closures, community events, job openings, staff directory and more. The possibilities are really endless,” stated Mayor Judy Sheets.

For additional questions about Connect Frankfort IN, please email Community Development Director, Kimberly Black at [email protected] or at 765-659-6770.

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