City Officials Discuss How to Best Enter Post Office During Road Construction

Frankfort residents have been complaining about not being able to have access to the Frankfort Post Office on Washington Avenue near downtown Frankfort.

The Board of Works and Frankfort City Council both addressed the situation at their respective meetings Monday night.

“You can enter the post office parking lot on the east side but you have to approach that from North Clay and you have to be going south,” said Frankfort Mayor Judy Sheets. “It’s not considered an exit. But right now, it’s being used as an entrance and an exit. Everybody needs to be cautious when they do that.”

Sheets said the post office can be entered on the west side and added road construction crews in the area have had to totally close off the area occasionally.

“I have heard that some people have been parking in the auto building where they have the auto parts and also they can park along Washington Street and walk down there,” said Sheets. “But, if they need to be closer to the building, it is open off of Clay Street.”