Commissioners Going to Fund Traffic Studies on Division Road

Due to a recent change to State Road 28 in Tipton County, the Clinton County Commissioners are taking steps to make sure this doesn’t cause problems in Clinton County.

“County Highway Superintendent Rick Campbell had suggested or recommended basically two things,” said Commissioners President Jordan Brewer. “One was a vehicle count on 100 North or Division Road or right north of Clinton Central so we can get a traffic flow utilizing that road.”

Brewer added one of the concerns about County Road 100 is the amount of travel that could happen when people take 31 to get to 29 and trying to avoid 28.

In a Tipton City-County arraignment with INDOT, route 28 truck traffic now avoids the city of Tipton from US 31 to Indiana 19.  Control of this “Old 28” stretch of 28 through Tipton has been handed over to Tipton County and Tipton city government.  The rerouting is done with the intention of reducing the problem of the high speed and high volume of semi-trucks going through the center of Tipton.

The intention of this change is not to necessarily reroute car traffic traveling though the center of Tipton. Cars passing through the county avoiding the City of Tipton may result in reducing business traffic for establishments in Tipton located on or near the “Old 28”.

To make the change, Tipton City and County will receive almost $9 million, with most of this going to the City of Tipton.  A county road, Division Road, will now be used for truck traffic through Tipton County.

In other news, the Commissioners began something they have waited a long time in doing by accepting the request bids on the proposed roundabout at I-65.

“It’s the first step which we hope is an end journey of a roundabout at 65 and 28,” said Brewer. “Commissioner (Josh) Uitts made the motion. This has been a long-time coming for him in the vision that started four or five years ago. It’s taken that long to get to this point. There are still some things to clean up and tidy up with it.”

Brewer did say there could be a problem down the road.

“The concern is what that cost comes in at,” continued Brewer. “How it was structured was the bond out there had money leftover to do this project. But that set aside amount was for this project three years ago. So, that number has obviously increased.”

Brewer added he anticipated the project will get started this summer.

Bids will be opened at the February 7 meeting.

The long-standing discussion between the Commissioners and the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office regarding the financial situation  with the Clinton County Commissary after the Commissioners offered a contract to the Sheriff’s Office Wednesday morning.

Brewer added the contract is a $45,000 contract good for one year.


  1. You can no longer cross state route 31 from division rd. The cross over is blocked. You can only go south on 31 from division.

  2. Perhaps maybe the commission will look towards doing something about the amount of heavy truck traffic going through downtown Frankfort?

  3. Please! Do not consider a roundabout at 65 and 28 if it’s going to be like the nightmare at 28 and 31! 3 roundabouts together, just to get over 31. Confusing and dangerous!

  4. Stop and think. If you have it in your house it got there by truck. If speeding trucks was the reason to shut down st rd 28 in Tipton. Why couldn’t mayor get his police department to give out speeding tickets. We just had trucks driving all over Frankfort how did that workout. The county commissioners will benefit from the profits they need all the money they can get. For the roundabout at 28 and 65. Help to tear down the bank

    • Mark-

      If I’m not mistaken, the Mayor of Tipton (who wouldn’t make time for an interview with me on Partyline) said it was mainly due to the damage it would do to road also but yes speeding was a small part of it too. –Kevin Keith

  5. Eric- WILO Radio had has reported on the most recent civil torts. I personally agree with you in the craziness of the amount of money spent on this. I also agree with you that Sheriff Kelly has done an amazing job of bringing in non traditional revenue to take the pressure off the budget. Its a huge benefit from thinking outside the box. I also see the other side a little in that a fair oversight isn’t too much to ask within reason. Of course this really started with first year contracts and everyone following through (or not) on both sides. At least that is the way I see it so far. Complex, yet fascinating. These are my opinions and not necessarily those of Kaspar Media. —Kevin Keith

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