Concert At Prairie Creek Park A Big Hit

The talk around town Sunday was all positive and excitement following Saturdays concert at Prairie Creek Park. It was a free evening of music starting at 5:30 pm by the music group Attaboy,  followed by 45 RPM’s at 8 pm. Vendors were available.

The summer concerts are sponsored by Ellis Jewelers, VFW Post 1110, TTG Equipment, Indiana Packers, Indiana Kitchen, and Moose Lodge #7 Frankfort.

Erick Dircks was on hand with camera, video, and drone equipment for your viewing pleasure.

Photo by Erick Dircks

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  1. could we get a total cost on the downtown rec area / beer garden ? The last projected est. was in excess of 11 million counting the million dollar bridge . We are not attempting to be a wet blanket , but the whole thing was a terrible waste of taxpayers dollars , the millions should have been invested in our existing parks and pool , not to mention our crumbling streets . extremely poor management by our elected officials to say the least . A crowd of roughly 50 people showing up is hardly a big hit !

    • Paul-This is from an article two years ago. Property taxes don’t and won’t pay for this.-Kevin Keith

      “This project is being funded with the tax allocation dollars, the Historic Downtown (District) and select industries,” “Other residents in this city, no matter where you live, your property taxes don’t go towards this project. It’s Tax Increment Financing. It’s not a raise in taxes. It’s working within our existing revenue.”

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