Clinton County Now Has Facebook Page

Clinton County has launched a Facebook page. Residents are encouraged to join the community at “Clinton County, Indiana.”

“Our county is doing some pretty remarkable things,” says Jordan Brewer, president of the Clinton County Commissioners. “Facebook is the most popular social media platform on the planet and we know a lot of our residents are on it, so this allows us to meet them where they’re at. This will give us the opportunity to better share all the exciting things happening here.”

Clinton County’s Facebook page will highlight events like groundbreakings and ribbon cuttings, notices like voter registration and property taxes, and department services like 9-1-1 and veterans’ benefits. But above all else, it will help highlight the good work county employees do each and every day.

“Our people are our greatest asset,” Brewer adds. “This platform will help us better highlight their quality work and commitment to the county.”


  1. Oh goodie, more stupid facebook! Great idea putting tax information on facebook! What could possibly go wrong here??! Now for those of us that are not on this spy network, I hope the county realizes this is not all that great.

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