CSF Board of Education Approves Final Contract for DeWeese

Community Schools of Frankfort Superintendent Don DeWeese addresses the crowd at the unveiling of the Frankfort High School renovation project.

The Community Schools of Frankfort approved the final contract for Superintendent Don DeWeese Tuesday night. The contract is for two-and-a-half years and expires on June 30, 2021. That is when DeWeese will step away from the position he has held for seven years.

“This is going to be my last contract,” said DeWeese. “The board extended my superintendent’s contract until June 30, 2021. I’m very excited about it. The board also gave me a salary increase of 2.5 percent which is what everyone in the district received.”

Besides the term of the contract, two other major changes occurred. First, his annual base salary will be $122,375 which reflects the 2.5 percent increase, and he was allowed to purchase one additional year of service in the teacher retirement fund which comes out to $14,500 annually. These changes were discussed at the public hearing held February 5.

Before DeWeese was named superintendent to replace Dr. Les Bivens, he had served three years as the assistant superintendent.

DeWeese was asked if he would be involved in the search for his replacement.

“I have told the board it’s really inappropriate for me to have any say so on who follows me,” said DeWeese.

DeWeese said there is one person who he thinks would be an excellent choice — Assistant Superintendent Joel McKinney, who was given a contract extension that coincidentally expires June 30, 2021.

“Joel’s spent seven years here,” said DeWeese. “He is an outstanding educator and, more importantly, he’s an outstanding individual. He is a great person. He loves the community. He is all for the Community Schools of Frankfort and the boys and girls and families here in the community.”

The school board is now in the market for a new board member as Jeff Tatum announced his resignation after spending one full term on the board. Tatum said his most satisfying moment as a board member was helping get the $30 million Frankfort High School renovation project off the ground and help see it to its completion.

Another issue that surfaced is the fact the school district has no more days left to use if it has to close for weather. DeWeese said if the school is closed one or two days at any point the rest of the year, it will probably force the district to change the graduation date which right now is scheduled for Saturday, May 25.

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