Election Field Now Set for May Primary

Races are now set for the May primary election after the signup period ended Friday.

Mayor Chris McBarnes will be challenged by Frankfort City Councilman Lewis Wheeler for the mayor’s position. McBarnes will be seeking a third term as mayor, while Wheeler currently represents District 3 on the city council.

Here is how the other races for Frankfort City Council shape up: incumbent Clarence Warthan faces challenger Gena Carson in District 1; incumbent Joe Palmer is unopposed in District 2; newcomers Michael Brite and Cory Boyles square off in District 3; incumbent Steve Beardsley is unopposed in District 4; incumbent David Hussey faces challenger Brandt Fuller in District 5; while incumbent Eric Woods, along with challengers Isac Chavez, J.J. Tate and Megan Sheets vie for the two at-large positions. Longtime city councilman Jim Moyer elected not to file for re-election.

Incumbent Judy Sheets has filed to run as Clerk-Treasurer and incumbent Matt Beardsley has filed to run for City Judge.

Eleven people have filed to run for the Colfax Town Board. They are Republicans Regina Piper (Clerk Treasurer), Marty Stevens (Town Board), S.V. Scott (Town Board), Mike Brothers (Town Board), Gavin Jones (Town Board), Julie Lewellen (Town Board) and Patricia Coy (Town Board) along with Democrats Dana Northern (Town Board), Madeline Sanders (Town Board), Brian Boksa (Town Board) and Katelyn Allen (Town Board).

Republican Brent Stetler filed to run for Town Council in Kirklin.

The May primary election will be held on Tuesday, May 7.

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  1. February 11, 2019 at 12:07 pm

    We are trusting the citizens of Frankfort will see the desperate need for change, when the current mayor took office 7 yrs. ago the city had a est. 10 million dollar surplus , in these short 7 yrs. the current administration has not only totally depleted the surplus, but has indebted our fair city to the tune of 80 million dollars ! With a projected 95 million dollar short fall by yrs. end . That’s a whopping 105 million dollar turn around { negative } in just 7 yrs. Yes they attempt to explain it away as ” good business ” , or prepping us for future growth , and no doubt some of this is true, in part , but the bottom line is debt is debt despite of the items built or purchased . We expect our elected officials to maintain excellent stewardship and common sense when using our hard earned tax dollars , and upgrade our needs in town at a pace we can afford, yes there are times when debt will be inevitable but we should expect those expenditures to be incremental if at all possible , just as former Pres. Reagan told us ” we must apply to gov. the same common sense we use in our daily lives ” in other words , be conservative , be careful , don’t spend more than you have coming in ! Let me end here with 1 simple question , How much interest are we { Frankfort } paying this yr.? 1 million , 2 or 3 perhaps more ? Folks when you go to vote ask your self how deep you want to go , oh, and by the way , remember the city council had to approve every expenditure , so when we speak of change , it must be a clean sweep ! The mayors YES MEN have to go as well , we’ve no need of political puppets !!! May God restore our fair city once again .

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