Fair Council Announces Community Building Has Been Renamed

Members of Edward Jones on the left and Clinton County Fair Council members on the right announce the renaming of the 4-H Community Building to the Edward Jones Community Building.

The Clinton County Fair Council is rapidly enhancing the business model for the Clinton County Fairgrounds to become a year-round event center. To accomplish that goal, the Fair Council has been fortunate enough to receive funds through a three-year sponsorship to make significant improvements to the Community Building.

Individuals came forward together, out of their own pockets and not corporate money, to give back to this community for the support they have enjoyed over the last 40-plus years. That effort came to fruition Wednesday night as the Fair Council announced that the 4-H Community Building has been renamed The Edward Jones Community Building.

“This particular project started about a year ago,” said Clinton County Fair Council Board Member Ben Pfeffer. “There was discussions about it, but they couldn’t get together. So, when I joined the council in October, I went back to them and we just sat down and we hammered out a deal. It only took about 30 days to do . We were pretty fortunate.”

Senior Financial Adviser for Edward Jones Mick isgrigg said this is something they have been wanting to do.

“For a long time, we have been looking for a project that we can give back to the community,” said Isgrigg. “We’ve been very fortunate in the aspect that people have embraced us. Sometimes you look for a project just to be able to give back. This is a way, I think, the community can benefit from it. It’s a need that needs to happen for the Fair Council. That’s the reason why we have chosen this one.”

Pfeffer added this is just the start for sponsorships at the fairgrounds.

“This sponsorship, and the ones for other buildings that will follow, will be used specifically on the facility for maintenance and improvement to utilize this community asset year round,” said Pfeffer. “The county has all the funds they can give us. We need to make sure that we’re good stewards of that money, but we also have to find another way to be able to make repairs and improvements. So, this is really the only way to fund it by being in partner.”

Pfeffer also said they plan to add a restroom or two to Clinton Hall and just keep going all the way around the fairgrounds. He said they would like to have the sponsorships in place by the time of the fair starts which is July 13-20.

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