Father and Son Arrested During Domestic Situation in Miami County


Recently, a father and son were arrested after resisting and fighting with police officers during a domestic situation in Miami County. James Gilland, 41, and his son Kyle Gilland, 21, both from Peru, were incarcerated in the Miami County Jail. Kyle faces criminal charges for three counts of battery with bodily injury, two counts for battery on a law enforcement officer causing bodily injury, resisting law enforcement, intimidation, and disorderly conduct. James was arrested for obstruction of justice and resisting law enforcement officers. 

At approximately 10:35 p.m. Sunday, officers from the Indiana State Police and the Miami County Sheriff’s Office responded to custody issue at 1249 N. Paw Paw Pike, Peru. It was reported there was an intoxicated male making threats to shoot the occupants of the home. Sheriff’s officers arrived on the scene first. Trooper Andrew Baldwin arrived approximately a minute later.

Baldwin observed two sheriff’s officers on the ground attempting to handcuff James Gilland. As Baldwin exited his police car, he purportedly observed Kyle Gilland allegedly punch the sheriff’s officers in the face. One of the sheriff’s officers attempted to utilize his taser on Kyle but the probes missed. Baldwin utilized his taser hitting Kyle who fell to the ground. Kyle purportedly continued to resist, as the taser probes allegedly became disengaged. James and Kyle attempted to get in a vehicle and flee the scene. They were eventually taken into custody at gunpoint. It is alleged that a male occupant of the home was also battered by Kyle Gilland during the incident. 

The sheriff’s officers and occupant of the home, who were purportedly battered, drove themselves to Dukes Memorial Hospital. They were treated for minor injuries. Kyle and James were checked and medically cleared by ambulance personnel at the scene.

Miami County correctional officers brought caged transport vehicles to the scene. Kyle refused to willingly get into the vehicle claiming to be a three-time black belt and that his hands are registered weapons. Officers carried him and placed him in the vehicle. James complied and walked to the transport vehicle willingly. 

 No guns were located at the scene.