Gina Sheets Coming Back to Frankfort Next Month

Gina Sheets, with her husband, Travis Sheets, has announced she is leaving the USDA and coming back to Frankfort.

Former Clinton County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Gina Sheets is coming back to Frankfort.

Sheets announced Monday that on May 4, she will work my last day with USDA, and on May 7, a moving van will come to our apartment in Arlington load up our belongings and she will board a flight home that evening to come to Indiana.

Sheets added it has been five years since she has been home and it is time to be home.

“In our service on the international, national, and state levels we have felt love, service, and support by our family and community,” she said. “I am ready to give this love, service, and support back to our family and our community.”

Sheets also said she is very honored to have stood up Rural Development’s Innovation Center.

“The teams are staffed and continue to add more members,” said Sheets. “The first Innovation Center web page has been released and several initiatives are under way to support and transform rural development in the growth of prosperity. I have met some tremendous people around the country and look forward to seeing their success as they work to build capacity in their communities.”

“The Lord has richly blessed me to serve in His work in many places and in many capacities, I look forward to seeing what He has next and in His timing,” she added.