Grandma’s Cook-off Showcases Favorite Recipes

Genda Funeral Home once again celebrated Grandma’s recipes with the annual “Cook Off” for best entree, side dish, soup and dessert.

Erick Dircks and Patty Keaton Parks were there with WILO TV to capture the highlights of the 12th annual event.

The winner in each category won $300.00 cash as 12 judges struggled with who deserved the cash and special apron to take home after the 75 minute event.

You can watch the entire Cook-off including the winner announcements as it was broadcast LIVE and WORLD-WIDE on Just click on the link and find the cook off listed in the “On Demand” section and enjoy the broadcast.


Best Entree:  Chicken Spaghetti by Betty Stevens

Best Soup: Green Chili Stew by Nick Hawlsey

Best Side Dish: Cabbage Casserole by Jane Warner

Best Dessert: Chocolate Buttermilk Layer Cake by Norma Disinger

Pictures of the event by Erick Dircks and Patty Keaton Parks, CLICK HERE

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Winners this year left to right: Side Dish/Jane Werner, Entree/Betty Stevens, Soup/Nick Hawley, Dessert/Norma Disinger. Photo bombed by Mark Genda.

Judges deciding on winner of the soup category.