HLTV To Carry H.S. Sports This Season

We at Kaspar Media have a big announcement to make. Have you heard?

For the first time in over 50 years, W-I-L-O will not carry regional high school sports.

WILO’S  play by play broadcast will now be on hoosierlandtv.com!

You still get Don Stock and Karl Kercheval on play by play and color but now you get the visual action of high school sports. Plus, we expanded our coverage to include Carroll and Western (Howard). Also covered as in years past, Clinton Central, Clinton Prairie, Frankfort, and Rossville (on teams they field).

Our first game is Tri-West @ Western Friday August 19th

Week Two: [email protected] Clinton Prairie August 26th

Game 3. Clinton Central @ Clinton Prairie
Game 4 Clinton Prairie @ Tri-Central
Game 5 Frankfort @ Lebanon
Game 6 Carroll @ Tri-Central
Game 7 Carroll @ Clinton Central
Game 8 Clinton prairie @ Carroll

All games have a 7 pm kickoff. 

PLUS, we will still have Sheridan sports as we have in years past so now when you go to hoosierlandtv.com on a Friday night, you will have a choice of Sheridan or the hoosierlandtv.com game of the week!


American Football Football Player  - ArtTower / Pixabay

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