Holmes Farm Fly Over All Decorated For Halloween

Clinton County Daily News was invited to visit and photograph Holmes Farm all decorated for Halloween. Erick Dircks took his drone and did a fly over for all to enjoy, Hopefully you can drive out and visit at night with all the beautiful lights and decorations. It is just a short drive from Frankfort.

Directions to the farm . About 2 miles south of State Road 32 on the east side of 421.

Kristy Holmes runs a day care and here is her story as told to us.

How do you start a story about my Rascals? I Am blessed to have some of the most awesome children in and around the Zionsville area. They are not just kids, they are Rascals and we are family. We encourage them to think outside the box as you look at the many spiders in our Halloween decorations I hope you see a creative way to help children get over their fear of spiders! Sounds crazy, Right? By allowing them to “help” with the set up they now look at spiders as kinda cool. Due to COVID we moved half of our Rascals to Mother’s farm. Oh the stories that big red barn could tell! My Grandparents, Stacey and Pearl Cox moved to the farm in 1933. Our Rascals love to garden, wave at the dump trucks as they go by, see the fire trucks and ambulances a few times a day… they are learning that we work first(spend 30 minutes pulling weeds in the garden,an afternoon playing in the water). They have developed a love and respect for farmers… mainly Farmer Craig. saying one day WE will get to help with the hay.

Click on the links below for photos by Erick Dircks and watch the video he put together.

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