Hoops Officially Closing

A longtime tradition is closing it’s doors in Frankfort. Hoops Sports Bar and Grill posted the following message to their Facebook page this morning:


It is with great sadness that Hoops will be closing 12/31/20. The downward turn in sales due to the pandemic has made it impossible to be profitable. Hopefully all of our great customers will go to other privately owned restaurants and hopefully they will make it. We will be open till 2 each day and the bar will be open as long as there are customers. I want to thank all the customers that have been with us over the past 19 years!


  1. I was so sorry to hear this. I have always had good food & good service when I went there no matter what I chose. I so hate to see a local business go under but this pandemic has affected so many places not only in Frankfort but everywhere.

  2. We are so sorry to hear that Hoops is closing. Karl has been a big supporter of charitable causes in our community. Thank you, Karl & all Hoops staff, for the maximum effort that you have made to keep your doors open during this deplorable pandemic & poor economic season. God bless you in future endeavors.

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