Howard County Offering Assistance to Churches

The Howard County Sheriff’s Office is offering local churches assistance with questions about security.

Past and recent events have law enforcement and churches looking for answers as to how to best protect our communities, including places of worship.

Howard County Sheriff’s Chaplain, John Murdoch, has been certified in “crime prevention” and trained in “church security” by the Ohio Crime Prevention Association.

Chaplain Murdoch and Chief Deputy Jerry Asher have conducted security assessments for local churches this past year and are available if called upon to help our churches formulate a “security plan” tailored to each need.

The Indiana Sheriff’s Association is currently working on developing a model policy for church security to assist all Indiana Sheriff’s in their communities.

Knowing that our Law Enforcement Officers attend the many churches on Howard County, the materials and resources we have available to any full-time sworn officers in Howard County.

A church interested in a security assessment may contact Captain Asher at 765-456-2020 or