IUK Officials Deal With ‘Dangerous Situation’

Indiana University Kokomo officials said early Thursday afternoon that there is no active threat on campus following a brief scare that involved an alert sent to students warning them of a “dangerous situation.”

Shortly before noon, IUK officials sent a notice that read “IU Kokomo Alert!. A dangerous situation is occurring near LaFountain and Lincoln. Stay away from the area. Follow official instruction. Call 911 with information.”

Roughly 30 minutes later, officials sent out a second update noting that “a subject fled a traffic stop, last seen southwest on Lincoln moving away from campus. No active threat at this time.”

Specifics about the situation are so far unclear, but officers were heard over a police scanner saying that the suspect who fled the traffic stop entered multiple IUK facilities before fleeing the campus.

Kokomo Police nor IUK officials have provided any additional comments.