Jobs for Life Graduates Sixth Class

The Jobs for Life program graduated three students Tuesday night who are now ready for the workforce.  This is the 6th class to graduate from this local program which is based at the First Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Frankfort as a Community Outreach endeavor.  The Jobs for Life program is a Clinton County Christ-centered initiative that equips those who are unemployed or underemployed with the necessary soft job skills and strategies to become employed and be better employees.

The graduates completing the 8 week program are Lesley Mulvaney, Austin Zadra, and Ryan Kidder.  Student instruction was conducted by Mike Kelley, Jack Ransom, Tom Crawford, and Dick Hammer.  Each student had a “Champion” that served as a mentor to the student to support and encourage them.

Additionally local business and industry including Federal Mogul, Hardesty Landscaping, Cintas, and West Pharma  spoke to the students about what to expect as an employee and conducted mock interviews with them.

Mayor Chris McBarnes was the keynote speaker for the Graduation. Providing an inspirational and challenging message,  he praised the program and the students for their perseverance and encouraged them to set goals and seek God’s purpose for their life .

After receiving their Graduation Certificates, each student shared what the class had meant to them and how the program has given them hope for the future.

Jobs for Life Fall classes will begin September 18. Classes are free and open to individuals 18 and older.  For program information contact: First Evangelical Church at 765-654-5558.