Judge To Make A Decision On Release Of Court Documents In Delphi Murder Case

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A line outside the Carroll County courthouse this morning with heavy police presence, and media cameras everywhere you look. This was the scene as the vehicles escorting Richard Allen brought him to answer for two counts of murder. That was Delphi Indiana in the early morning hours Tuesday, as a curious and anxious community awaits word on the question that everyone wants answered.

A Judge has not yet made a decision on releasing records that hold details for the reason that Richard Allen was arrested for the 2017 Murders Of Delphi’s Libby German and Abby Williams.

Prosecutor and Defense attorneys argued their case inside the court room on the topic of unsealing the sealed documents.

Carroll County Prosecutor Nick McLeland wants the documents to remain sealed stating “Officials have not ruled out the possibility that other individuals were also involved in the teenagers’ brutal murders” while attorney’s for Allen wants everything out on the table stating “We have seen the documents and we are not impressed”.

The Judge says she knows the importance of the sealed documents and a decision on unsealing the documents will be swift. Thousands of signatures were turned in today from the community of people wanting the documents to remain sealed.

Richard Allen has asked for bail. That hearing has been set for February 17.

Clinton County Daily News/WILO spoke to community members who wish to remain anonymous to prevent conflict with others in the community and out of fear.

A former co-worker of Allen’s told us she knew and worked with him and says in her heart, she firmly believes he is innocent.

A 30 year old resident of Delphi declined to have a photograph or voice recording stating that she is glad there was finally an arrest but is still very frightened, stating ” What if he is innocent and there is still a murderer out there?, And what if he is guilty and makes bail”?

The beautiful and friendly city of Delphi feels like a broken community just wanting closure to this nightmare.

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