‘Leading In Uncertain Times’ Thursday, March 26

The WILO/Chamber of Commerce “Leading In Uncertain Times” series continued Thursday morning with IU Health Hospital President Kelly Braverman.

Asked if any testing for COVID-19 was available in the area, Braverman said IU Health has their own test available on a limited basis. She added she did not know of any available tests in the city or the area.

Join us tomorrow for another WILO/Chamber of Commerce “Leading In Uncertain Times’ with Clinton County EMA Director Darrell Sanders.

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  3 comments for “‘Leading In Uncertain Times’ Thursday, March 26

  1. Brian Smith
    March 26, 2020 at 11:34 am

    How in the world is there no testing being done in Frankfort. There is NO way there are no caronavirus in Clinton county. My goodness, it surrounds our county and is growing daily! How does the President of IU Frankfort not sure about local testing in our town (only aware of IU)! BTW… Frankfort is doing a terrible job of self isolating and staying home. I witnessed our parks full of adults and children playing on playground equipment yesterday. Talk about spreading the germs and possible virus (playground equipment)! Did I mention the basketball courts were full! How about these parents bringing all their kids to Walmart with them. This is a serious matter people…why are you not taking this serious? The Governor issued a stay at home order for a reason. If you all continue to gather, this is going to get much worse in our town! We need our Mayor and Parks department to block streets leading to the playgrounds and have our police patrolling these areas!!! Step up and do the right thing!!!

    • Kevin Keith
      March 26, 2020 at 1:32 pm

      Brian- Some good points. I would say Kelly Braverman would and should only know whats going on within the company of which she is President of.
      YOU ARE CORRECT people need to take this seriously. The fact that people are playing basketball and taking their kids to Wal Mart is atrocious.
      -Kevin Keith

      • Lisa L.
        March 26, 2020 at 2:55 pm

        Great points!!! Why are we not testing in our county? If we are…then we aren’t doing enough! Like the gentlemen mentioned, this is so serious. We need more testing for our state can see where the hot spots are and how to move forward. Please…officials: get more test and start testing!!! Adults: stay home (do NOT take your children to the local Walmart). Stay out of the parks! We could be like New York if we don’t start being serious about things. My God…turn on the news!

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