‘Leading In Uncertain Times’ Thursday, May 21

The WILO/Chamber of Commerce “Leading In Uncertain Times” series continued Thursday morning with IU Health Frankfort Hospital President Kelly Braverman.

“Personally, I’m a little nervous (about going into Stage 3),” said Braverman. “I don’t know if we’ll have normal anymore. We need to create our ‘new normal.’ We have some new information now and we need to learn from that.”

Join us Friday for another WILO/Chamber of Commerce “Leading In Uncertain Times’ with Clinton County EMA Director Darrell Sanders.

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  1. May 21, 2020 at 12:03 pm

    Exactly who is ” WE ” when stating , ” we need to create our new normal ” ? We the American people are right in choosing to listen to the experts advise , but ultimately , we the people , are the the ones who decide what our normal is , as we look around we see so many violations and infringements on our rights as a free people , we agree with much of the suggested precautionary measures set forth locally and federally , yet many seem draconian to say the least , for instance , during this trying time we’ve been told we cannot attend worship and if we do we may be arrested and fined , yet we are permitted to go to liquor stores, walmart , drug stores,many factories have remained opened, yet we cant go to a park or go fishing , some states have banned people walking on the beach , so on and so forth. We have been commanded to hunker down and stay in our homes or again , face fines or possible imprisonment ! These measures may be great suggestions but in a free country that should be exactly what they are , simply suggestions , perhaps well thought out by medical specialists , and maybe in our best interest , yet we as Americans should always retain the right to be free to make our own choices as to what we personally do , as long as we don’t endanger others We are more and more allowing ourselves to be dictated to , allowing ourselves to be told what ” The New Normal ” is , where we can go , what we can do, activities we can engage in , what we can and cannot say i.e. social media . Does this sound familiar ? Several billion people around the world live in societies that are reminiscent of this , its called communism . We appreciate our elected officials and medical experts who labor extensively and tirelessly to help ” we the people ” but woe be to us if we ever lose sight of our rights as Americans , look how quickly we become as sheep and complacently fall in line waiting to be instructed as to what we can say, where we can go, if we dare leave the confines of our homes or even if we can worship together ! So we await now to be told what is the ” new normal ” how should we behave now , do we retain any rights at all , are we now allowed to make any decisions on our own , or is it easier just to wait till we are told what we can or cannot do ? Is america and the american life forever gone ? I know many will disagree completely , but keep in mind these are simply our opinions and mean no disrespect to all of the American people who have been faithful to do their utmost to keep everything as normal as possible during this trying time , May God Bless us all and God Bless America !

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