Lebanon Public Works Addresses Damaged Equipment, Issues Reminder To Examine Yard Waste Piles

Department of Public Works employees utilize the wood chipper for limb and yard debris pick-up days.
– Photos courtesy of DPW

The City of Lebanon Department of Public Works issued a reminder for community members to avoid raking metal objects and other materials that may harm machinery into wood piles for yard debris pick-up to avoid damage to the city machines and injury to the workers operating the machine.

The department issued a reminder to the community to be mindful of the contents that are raking or carried to the curb for regular limb and yard debris pick-up days as a recent incident where metal materials were present within the pile that were inserted into the wood chipper resulted in major damage to the machine and could have caused injury to the workers.

“Damaged equipment means more time in the shop and less time able to be in service,” the department released. “Please help do you part to keep our machinery, and more importantly, our DPW team members safe by taking a few moments to examine your yard waste before leaving it at the curb.”

The City of Lebanon Engineering Department echoed the statements and concerns of the Public Works Department as they encouraged to community to take the extra steps to ensure the safety of their own neighbors, friends and family who work for the department.

“Help us out Lebanon,” the department released. “While the costly damage to equipment is frustrating, this could have been much worse. Your friends and neighbors run this equipment for DPW and they could have been seriously injured, or worse.”

Following the damage the incident, the equipment will reportedly be inspected for repairs.

Metal pieces that recently caused damage to the wood chipper.