LSC Closing School on November 19 for Red for Ed Rally

Lafayette School Corporation (LSC) has announced it will be closing school on Tuesday, November 19. Superintendent Les Huddle issued the following statement regarding the closure:

LSC has over 130 teachers requesting a Personal Day for November, 19, 2019 to attend the Red for Ed Rally in Indy.  Obviously, we cannot fill all the open classrooms with subs.  For the safety of students and staff remaining in the building, we are cancelling school on Tuesday, November 19.  LSC will make this day up at the end of the school year.  Oakland Elementary and Oakland High School will make this day up on the first Monday of their Spring Break.

A few details:

Bus Drivers and Bus Attendants will not work on Nov. 19.

Paras, Instructional Aides and Lunch Room Supervisors will not work on Nov. 19.

Custodians and Maintenance Workers will work as usual.

Technology employees will work as usual.

Secretaries that work either 10 or 12 months will work as usual.

Administrators will work as usual.

Should any employee who is scheduled to work and wants the day off, they will need to use either a Personal Day or a Vacation Day.