NHK Seating of America Inc. Contributes $150,000 to Prairie Creek Park Project in Downtown Frankfort

Frankfort Mayor Chris McBarnes addresses the assembled group at NHK Seating of America. To his left are NHK Seating of America Inc. President Yoshiyuki Shindo and Plant Manager Rich Reck. NHK announced they are donating $150,000 to the Prairie Creek Park project.
Some of the assembled gathering at NHK Seating of America Inc. on Wednesday morning. NHK announced its was donating $150,000 to the Prairie Creek Park project in downtown Frankfort.

NHK Seating of America Inc. President Yoshiyuki Shindo and Plant Manager Richard Reck joined Frankfort Mayor Chris McBarnes and other community leaders Wednesday morning to announce NHK Seating’s $150,000 contribution to the Prairie Creek Park project over the next three years.

In announcing NHK Seating’s generous contribution, Shindo expressed NHK’s support for Frankfort’s planned downtown recreational amenity.
“NHK is pleased to support the Frankfort community in which we do business and where many of our associates live. The places, programs and services that improve Frankfort make it an even more attractive location for our associates, their families and our future associates to enjoy,” Shindo said.
According to Reck, NHK is pleased to be a part of Frankfort moving forward.
“We appreciate the many improvements and exciting changes happening throughout Frankfort and are pleased to play a role in the success of Prairie Creek Park as it will change the community for the better while enhancing the quality of life for our associates and their families,” Reck said.
In accepting NHK Seating’s financial gift, McBarnes expressed the entire community’s appreciation for the company’s generosity.
“We are grateful to NHK Seating for its faith in the transformational improvements happening in our city, particularly in our downtown as we work to revitalize this specific area to benefit our entire community,” McBarnes said. “NHK is an outstanding corporate leader in Frankfort and a true partner with us in working to make Frankfort’s recreational attractions world-class and boost our quality of life and quality of place for all who live, work and visit here.”
A total of $663,500 has been donated to the development of Prairie Creek Park in recent weeks by generous corporate citizens in Frankfort and Clinton County.