Nina Pauline Cragun Celebrates 103rd Birthday on Saturday


Those who know her, know her as Pauline. She was born and raised in Frankfort, Indiana. She was born on June 9th in 1915. Yes, she will be 103 on the 9th. Her parents were Guy and Bertha Pletch who had three children – Earnest, Pauline and Betty. She was raised on the farm where she currently lives and has been a lifelong member of the First Christian Church in Frankfort.

Although she isn’t as mobile as she would like, she still motors around the house using her 4-wheeler. She is still sharp as a tack especially when it comes to card playing. Pauline married Fred Cragun on April 13, 1941. They had three children – Ron, Randy and Janet. Ron lives in Missouri and has two children, a daughter, Michele who lives in Allen, Texas and a son, Michael who recently moved to the Dallas area.

Her son, Randy, and her grandson, David, live near her and farm the family farm and other acreage in the area. Randy and his wife, Jacqueline, have three children, a son, David, and two daughters, Danea and Danetta . Her daughter, Janet, and her husband, Kevin, live in Barrington, Illinois. They have a daughter, Jennifer, who lives with her husband, David in Chicago and a son, Michael, lives and works in northern Virginia.

If you are counting, the totals are seven grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren to date.

God has blessed her in many ways.  One of her favorite memories occurred on her 9th birthday of course on June 9th; her cat had nine kittens. Recently, a little bird, we think it was a Titmouse, built a nest in her bird feeder which is attached to her dining room window.  She was entertained for weeks watching the nest building, the egg laying and the hatching.  The little bird laid four or five eggs.  Four babies were hatched.  It was a treat watching them being fed.  It didn’t take long, and they were out of the nest starting a new life of their own!!!!  It is interesting to note that the other birds including Blue Jays left them alone!