Prairie Grass Observatory Open House for Tonight Cancelled

Prairie Grass Observatory at Camp Cullom is cancelling its scheduled Open House for tonight, March 18.  

The National Weather Service is predicting 80% cloud cover, high winds and cold temperatures, making productive observations from the Observatory very unlikely.

Prairie Grass Observatory. Photo by Erick Dircks

Prairie Grass Observatory hosts FREE astronomical Open House events several times each year.  The next scheduled Open House is set for Saturday April 22.

Anyone coming to these free Open House events can see through some of Indiana’s largest telescopes, including a computerized 28” scope, giant 100mm binoculars, 16” scope, space movies, laser assisted constellation talks and more.

On a good night you will be able to view:

  • Planets
  • Open Star Clusters
  • Galaxies
  • Constellations
  • Globular Clusters (over 100,000 stars in eyepiece)
  • Craters on the Moon on “Moon nights”
  • Often see “falling stars” or meteors
  • Pictures and displays
  • Observatory’s own meteorite collection

Open Houses are Open to the public.  Camp Cullom is located at 6815 W County Road 200 North between Jefferson and Mulberry, Indiana.

Camp Cullom and Prairie Grass Observatory is supported in part by your United Way for Clinton County donations.

Prairie Grass Observatory
Photo of Saturn taken at Prairie Grass Observatory in Clinton County by John Mahony.
Prairie Grass Observatory Schedule for 2023



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