Presidents’ Day Poster and Essay Contest Presented By Goodwin Funeral Home

Annual 4th Grade Presidents’ Day Poster And Essay Contest

The Annual 4th Grade Presidents’s Day Poster and Essay contest is held and presented by Goodwin Funeral Home was held Friday February 24th at Goodwin Funeral Home. Cookies and drinks were provided.   There were 82 essays written and 116 posters.

The Program began with a welcome by Bill Miller, Introductions, And a brief history of Presidents’ Day.

Voting on the posters and essays were cast by several city officials, teachers, school board members, city employees, and local business owners along with staff of Goodwin Funeral Home.

Teachers that took time and allowed their students to participate in the program were Mrs.Marcie Herring, Mrs Rhonda Rudd, Mrs.Jennifer Vickary, Ms.Ashley Gable, Mrs.Stephanie Meeks, Mrs.Jade Mulvaney, Mrs.Sherry Pritchett, Mrs.Stephanie Wooten, Ms.Shawna McDaniel, and Ms. Kelsey Shields.


4-10 Finalists in no certain order
Lily Davidson    Suncrest   Mrs.Herring
Isabela Mejia-Santos    Suncrest   Mrs.Gable
Silas Maddox   Suncrest   Mrs.Herring
Wyatt Wells    Suncrest    Mrs.Vickary
Jaydon Sandoval-Cruz    Suncrest    Mrs.Vickary
Analia Hernandez-Valdes    Suncrest    Mrs.Herring
Adelyn Banda    Suncrest    Mrs..Rudd

3rd Place Olivia Thompson   Suncrest   Mrs.Rudd
2nd place Nicole Mendoza-Jamenez    Green Meadows   Ms.Shields
1st Place Jaxon Scowden-Crist    Suncrest    Mrs.Herring

4-10 Finalists in no certain order
Chloe O’Brien Green Meadows Ms.Shields
Olivia Thompson  Suncrest    Mrs.Rudd
Easton Day     Green Meadows    Mrs.Mulvaney
Maria del Refugio Lopez-Padilla    Suncrest    Mrs.Herring
Alexis Scowden-Crist    Suncrest    Mrs.Rudd
Wyatt Basabe    Green Meadows    Ms.Shields
Jaxon Burger   Green Meadows    Mrs.Meeks

3rd place Brandon segura    Suncrest    Mrs Vickary
2nd place Seth Troyer    Green Meadows   Mrs.Mulvaney
1st place Miguel Linares    Suncrest    Mrs.Rudd

1st place essay/poster Apple IPad ($329)
2nd place essay/poster Lego US Lincoln Memorial ($200)
3rd place essay/poster Lego White House ($99)

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