Redevelopment Commission Purchases Main Street Properties

The Frankfort Redevelopment Commission announced they have purchased a pair of properties on North Main Street from the Clinton County Economic Advancement Foundation (CCEAF) Wednesday night.

Redevelopment Commission Joe Palmer said they have purchased both the Main Street Hotel at 354 North Main Street for $65,000 and the property at 350 North Main Street formerly known as The Cave for $18,000.

“We purchased it (The Cave) from CEEAF just so we possibly can get something good out of it,” said Palmer. “It’s been setting idle for several years with nothing going on. We also purchased that (Main Street Hotel) also. Hopefully, we’ll get some good clientele to step forward and do something good with those properties.”

Palmer added this is also an attempt to start downtown redevelopment up North Main Street.

“We’re trying to get these (properties) under control where the right people can go back in, put money into them and make them into a better looking place,” said Palmer.

Palmer also announced that the groundbreaking ceremony for Prairie Creek Park will be held at noon on Wednesday, January 9, at the site of the park across from Nickel Plate Flats.


  2 comments for “Redevelopment Commission Purchases Main Street Properties

  1. December 20, 2018 at 6:45 pm

    that should be a very solemn ceremony, Joe, sort of like a wake, since mayor Mcbarnes and the city council are sticking a knife in the Frankfort citizens back ! The poll that WILO took regarding projects that citizens were most opposed to, came out to be this unbelievable expenditure our good mayor and his merry men have concocted , ” THE HISTORIC DOWN TOWN REC. AREA ” at a whopping projected cost of nearly 9 million and growing ! So no , Joe , it is not a time to laugh but a time to weep , for our own complaisant non-action and for our children , grandchildren and great-grandchildren who will be forced to pay for your ridiculous lavish spending , we ARE getting a change, your time is short ! GO VOTE PEOPLE!

  2. Donnie Reed
    December 21, 2018 at 10:27 am

    I agree it’s time to show the commissioners that what they are frivolously spending could be used elsewhere. Vote out the old guard new eyes are needed.

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