Rokita to Hold Town Hall Meeting Sunday at Neighborhood Center

As your United States Representative, I find it important to be out in the community and hear from the people who I proudly serve. I will not shy away from public meetings. Hoosiers know that the American Constitution gives us the right to the freedom of expression through the First Amendment. Let us express this God-given right by coming together, hearing from one another, and discussing in a civil way the issues that affect our community and our country.

To provide an opportunity to do so, I will be holding a town hall on Sunday, October 21 in Frankfort. It will be held at 2 p.m. in the Frankfort Neighborhood Center at 259 S. Third Street.

Public meetings are a part of my job. They are a chance for me to get my marching orders and for me to discuss issues directly with my fellow Hoosiers. I hope to see you there at the Frankfort Neighborhood Center.

Rokita lost to Mike Braun in the Republican Primary race for the U.S. Senate in May.; Braun wound up with 41.17 percent of the votes, while Rokita finished with 29.99 percent of the votes and Luke Messer was third at 28.84 percent. The winner faces incumbent Joe Donnelly in November for that post.