Two Michigantown Residents Arrested

On Thursday, the Frankfort Police Department’s Narcotics Unit concluded an investigation with the arrest of two Michigantown, residents at their residence in the 100 Block of Ohio Street in Michigantown.  33-year-old Brandy Dilk and 23-year-old Carlos Alvavera were arrested after our drug investigation. A search warrant was executed at approximately 2:40 p.m. on Thursday by members of the Frankfort Police Department. Both were arrested without incident.

Alvavera was charged by the Clinton County Prosecutor on the following charges: Dealing in Methamphetamine/Delivery of Methamphetamine with amount b/t 5 & 10, Dealing in Methamphetamine/Dealing in Methamphetamine b/t 1 & 5 grams, and Possession of Marijuana.

Dilk was also charged with the following: Possession of Methamphetamine. This is the basic offense and amount is b/t 5 & 10., Maintaining a Common Nuisance – Controlled Substances,, and Possession of Marijuana.


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